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Harbin around the express logistics company specializing in domestic cargo logistics services, has a strict organization of transport, sound business management, is a professional logistics company supply chain integration. Contains Harbin logistics, and Harbin logistics company, and Harbin freight, and Harbin freight company, and Harbin transport company, and Harbin goods transport company, and Harbin checked, and Harbin checked company, and Harbin pet checked, and Harbin large transport, and Harbin car transport, and Harbin luggage checked, company through all employees of common efforts and customer support, and trust Xia, constantly to development and perfect, with years professional transport management experience actual operation capacity, quickly accumulated has throughout national of network resources, Increase overall strength, providing quality logistics services to our customers. Express Logistics company, Harbin
use of modern logistics information management system, with international advanced logistics technology standards, through the application of modern information technology, formed a fast communication network system, throughout the process of logistics operation, the company will take the initiative to feedback to customer's arrival and transit of goods, to provide 24-hour logistics services. After transportation initiative to survey customer satisfaction, auto repair, improved logistics of potential defects and problems, so as to enhance the overall customer service levels. Truly a one-stop full service so that customers really comfortable, at ease


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