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First, what needs to be done to prepare for work before consignment cars?
first please prepared good you of vehicles driving documents or related of proved material (Pro brand, and invoice, and motor vehicle registration card), then confirmed you of car has fresh of antifreeze liquid, confirmed you of car battery electric liquid no leaked, retained about 4 points one of of fuel, close you of anti-theft system or will to we driver brings not necessary of trouble, last, guarantee you of vehicles clean to tie loading Qian of vehicles test.
two-what are the features, storage management?
1. Economic
storage is an important part of socialized production and warehousing activities are also productive. Warehousing and other production activities, has three elements of productivity, labor, tools, and objects. Warehousing and other production activities, create business value, and as storage increases, are gradually expanding the scope of commodity value, such as delays in the process of production, packaging and storage process is complete.
2. Technical
with advances in science and technology, modern warehouse management applications in a large number of electronic information technology, warehousing is increasing mechanization, which put forward higher requirements for warehouse management. In modern warehouse management and warehouse of information is the development trend of mechanization, storage management, new technologies to be used, which fully embodies the characteristics of storage management technical.
3. Integrated
logistics, as cross, cross-industry services and all kinds of characteristics are closely linked. Warehouse management is an integral part of the socio-economic. Is an important part of production enterprises can maintain normal production, is an important means of adjusting the needs of society.

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