Day logistics company organize staffs to carry out mass propaganda activities

   November 19, at 16 o'clock in the afternoon, in Conference Room day logistics company, logistics company 110 employees and law peer people preaching activities. Day logistics company Deputy General Manager Jiang Zhaojin, Wang Zhihua, Dong Dehua and other leaders attended the meeting.
day logistics company security comprehensive management zhuangan Zhang Yanhua preached themes was the developing Constitution spirit, and safeguard social harmony and stability. In preaching, logistics company's employees recognize that Xinjiang is an inalienable part of the motherland, required by law to combat ethnic separatist forces undermining activities, to rally the masses around the party and Government, formed against the Division and the storm of steel.

preaching day logistics company organize staffs to participate in the activities, in order to enhance all citizens ' consciousness of Constitution, civic consciousness, unity consciousness as the focus, further strengthens the logistics staff ruling, further anti-splittism struggles of faith, for achieving lasting stability in Xinjiang should make due responsibility and obligations.


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