"Pearl River Delta" logistics completed 3 hour economic circle

recently, the Guangdong Provincial Government issued the plan of action for promoting logistics in Pearl River Delta integration (2014-2020), by 2015, to the smooth flow of traffic, logistics and access, unified and open the "Pearl River Delta" logistics market, "Pearl River Delta" logistics completed 3 hour economic circle to form a network of logistics integration system.

implementation of the reform and development of the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong Province planning framework (2008-2020), launched in 2010 to implement the "Pearl River Delta" distribution of infrastructure, industry, urban and rural planning, basic public services and the integration of environmental protection, "five" integration plan, and achieved remarkable results. To promote the "Pearl River Delta" regional integration to develop in depth, Guangdong in the further implementation of the "five" integration of planning based on the recently introduced the "Pearl River Delta" construction of urban agglomeration of wisdom and information, scientific and technological innovation, ecological security, logistics and tourism action plan, "the Pearl River Delta integration" opened up a new field.

according to logistics integration action plans, Guangdong will to "beads triangle" area for breakthrough, to construction and Hong Kong and Macao area dislocation development of international logistics center for target, to logistics market integration, and logistics network integration, and logistics industry integration, and logistics information integration, and logistics standard integration, and logistics camp business environment integration for focus, building layout reasonable, and technology advanced, and energy-saving environmental, and convenient efficient, and security ordered of modern logistics system.


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